With all of the news about political conflict, people dying, and a growing pandemic, you can’t help but just feel lost about it all. You’re probably plagued with hopelessness as you dearly miss what life used to be and could’ve been. On top of your hectic work schedule and maybe other personal problems, you miss the restrictionless freedom of being able to go outside.

Sadly, you still can’t (or shouldn’t) do that, but Inaladelan Island Resort – a private beach in Palawan proposes an alternative: yoga from home.

Yoga has been proven to be an avenue for nurturing one’s physical and mental health. It achieves the former through training your muscles and joints to be more flexible and the latter through allowing you to clear your mind.

This quarantine has led to the popularization of many YouTube fitness channels, with several channels creating content focused on yoga. However, before you start jumping on the yoga-from-home train, you first need to check if you have the core essentials. Other than water and clothes suitable for yoga, you need to make space for yourself. Those who live in apartments or in smaller homes should take the time to push some furniture aside so when they perform certain poses, those things won’t be in the way.

The next step is to look for a video to follow. Yoga With Adriene, Body Positive Yoga, and The Yoga Room all provide a wide variety of instructional videos. Some channels also publish routine specifically made for those who have bigger builds or weaker bodies. 

Last month, Inaladelan Island Resort, located at Port Barton, San Vicente collaborated with Bahay Kalipay Palawan and Trace of Soul Yoga to publish five yoga sessions to help their viewers bring the serenity of the beach into their own homes.

Feel Good Friday | Inaladelan Island Resort x Bahay Kalipay Retreat Center Community Yoga Session

July 10, 2020 | Watch our third community yoga session headed by Trace of Soul Yoga in collaboration with Bahay Kalipay Retreat Center. #InaladelanLife?️

Posted by Inaladelan Island Resort on Thursday, July 9, 2020

A good tip upon completing that is to also create systems as opposed to goals. So ditch the goal weight and the goal anything singularly output-related for making a schedule and sticking to it. Even if it’s just agreeing to do yoga twice a week, your success then becomes dependent on consistency — don’t worry, the results will follow through later on.

The chaos that comes with the new normal may also be difficult to deal with because of the lack of social interaction you may be getting, but yoga from home can be a nice bonding activity that’s done at a distance. While you have your video popped up in front of you, you can be on a video call with your family or friends doing every post and turn together. 

With these tips, we hope that coping with this year can become a little bit easier for you. Rest, relax, and namaste everyone!